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    Here we look at some of the most innovative and high-growth UK fintech companies that are making great strides here and in many cases, worldwide. As leading providers of financial services technology solutions, these are the companies that are making business faster, driving down costs for consumers, improving cyber security for banking and ecommerce, and enabling wider access to credit and finance.



    With offices in both London and New York, TransferWise is a global fintech company that enables cross-border payments for businesses and consumers at lower cost than you’ll tend to find elsewhere.

    TransferWise cross-border payments platform

    It’s a money transfer platform that provides an alternative to traditional banks and brokers. It was founded in 2011.

    At the time of writing in 2019, the company had received around $400 million in funding and seen rapid employee growth over the last couple of years.

    Visitors to their website are often looking for money transfer solutions, ways to find the best exchange rate or a foreign currency converter.

    Visit to learn more.



    This alternative small business finance company in London is designed to help companies borrow between £1k and £200k for cash flow, stock or investment purposes.

    Started in 2011, this innovative alternative finance company has seen high growth and received over $90 million of funding to date at the time of writing in 2019.

    Their website visitors are often looking for solutions such as a loan calculator or small business loans in the UK.

    Go to for further info.



    Onfido was founded in 2012 and provides facial biometrics and document verification technology. It’s a business platform providing data-driven intelligent background checks to enhance finance security.

    Their site visitors are often looking for advice and services related to ID checks and document verification.

    Take a look at for more about the system and the company.


    Tandem Bank

    A complete digital retail bank providing the complete range of money management services. A fully regulated UK bank, Tandem was founded in 2013.

    Those going to their website are often looking for information and products such as a credit card with cashback incentives.

    Visit to learn about Tandem Bank.


    Thought Machine

    This UK fintech company prides itself on providing robust and highly scalable cloud computing solutions for digital banking. Thought Machine is a relatively small, specialist fintech company in London that was founded in 2014.

    Their team builds modern banking technology with foundations to help financial services move away from legacy platforms and progress with faster systems.

    They are starting to gain a web presence in areas such as banking technology.

    Go to for further information.



    Any list of top UK fintech companies must include Blockchain as it’s the digital currency backbone that provides the foundational technology for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the original, global cryptocurrency company, Blockchain has been playing a major role in shaping the future of Finance in the UK and worldwide. Its cryptocurrency wallet allows users to transact with and exchange bitcoin, stellar lumens, USD paxos, ethereum and other digital currencies.

    As well as information on a blockchain wallet, their website visitors are often seeking advice on buying, selling or trading bitcoin, receiving payments and crypto currency security information.

    Visit to learn more.

    Blockchain is also one of the leading UK fintech providers highlighted on Good Tech Guide.


    Digital Shadows

    Digital Shadows is a cyber security company in London, helping UK and global businesses to protect their intellectual property, brand and reputation from online threats. They have been named a Leader in Digital Risk Protection by Forrester and provide some of the best solutions for cyber security protection and data loss prevention.

    Their website offers a range of advice on email spoofing, phishing and other areas of cyber security, as well as detailing their solutions.

    Read more at for their full range of innovative cyber security and fintech products and services.


    Atom Bank

    The first UK bank to run entirely through a mobile banking app and without any branches at all. Atom Bank was founded in 2013 and continues to be one of the fastest growing UK fintech companies. Based in County Durham, they have received over $220 million of funding to date at the time of writing in 2019 and are one of the market leaders in online business loans, mortgages and savings.

    Many of their site visitors arrive looking for the best online bank in the UK, a fixed savings account, anytime banking solutions, mortgages, business loans or a high interest savings account.

    Visit to learn more.



    UK alternative finance company Novicap is a fintech startup in London that helps professional investors connect directly with businesses to provide working capital.

    A business looking for funds can register with Novicap online to open an invoice finance facility.

    The site has some presence for topics that include reducing labour costs and factoring vs invoice discounting.

    Go to to learn more about the company.


    Receipt Bank

    This bookkeeping software provider was set up in 2010 to make it easier to gather, organise and store invoices and receipts. One of the fastest growing UK fintechs, Receipt Bank has received $65 million of funding at the time of writing in 2019.

    The innovative business software has a range of functions that include: Data Capture from documents, Foreign Currency Support, Export of Client Data to a CSV or PDF file, or a cloud platform, and much more.

    Ideal for accounts and bookkeepers, Receipt Bank integrates with a wide range of popular accounting, payments and payroll software.

    Their site visitors are often looking for solutions such as a banking receipts app / scanner and other accounts management tools.

    Browse for further information on the software and its integrations.

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