Biotech Companies

    Here we profile some of the top UK biotech companies. These biotechnology leaders including start-ups and more established providers of biological science technology innovation.

    Newcells Biotech

    Newcells Biotech specialises in constructing and applying functional in vitro models to enhance clinical translation and drug discovery.

    Newcells Biotech

    Newcells Biotech delivers validated in vitro tools to help clients understand how drugs interact with tissues. The company enables the generation of robust and informative data to support critical decisions at any stage of drug development.

    The Biosphere
    Drayman’s Way
    Newcastle Helix
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE4 5BX

    Tel: +44 (0)191 580 6184

    Cellomatics Biosciences

    Cellomatics is a specialized Contract Research Organization (CRO) with expertise in the development of customized bioassays for pre-clinical applications. Our focus is on providing laboratory-based services to meet the unique needs of our clients in the field of bioassay development.

    At Cellomatics, we offer tailored laboratory services during the pre-clinical and early discovery phases to aid biotech companies, pharmaceutical firms, and academic groups in their drug discovery initiatives. Our commitment is to facilitate the acceleration of drug development programs for our clients through the delivery of high-quality and ethical services.

    10 Colwick Quays Business Park
    Road No2,
    Colwick Nottingham NG4 2JY, UK

    +44 (115) 865 4101


    Supplying high-quality life science research reagents and services to customers engaged in the development of innovative methods, processes, products, and medicines. Discover more!

    AMSBIO aims to be a profitable and premier provider of high-quality life science research reagents and services, aiding customers in developing innovative methods, processes, products, and medicines. The company focuses on establishing unique partnerships with small and medium-sized manufacturers, academic groups, and revenue-generating biotechs worldwide. AMSBIO is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions to end-users and partners in the global market.

    184 Park Drive,
    Milton Park,
    OX14 4SE, U.K.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1235 828 200

    Neem Biotech

    From humble beginnings 20 years ago as a specialized contract research business, Neem Biotech has matured and grown.

    To maximize our distinctive position in antimicrobial research and development, we are embarking on an exciting anti-virulence approach to uncover novel small molecules. This involves leveraging our expertise in bacterial-host interactions and combining it with the innovative approach of fragment screening to initiate novel compound programs.

    Units G+H Roseheyworth Business Park
    Blaenau Gwent
    NP13 1SX

    Tel: +44 1495 292700


    SpyBiotech is a clinical-stage company that utilizes its unique protein superglue technology to develop vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer.

    SpyBiotech was established to revolutionize vaccine development. Our innovative technology, the proprietary protein superglue SpyTag/SpyCatcher, allows us to create safe and highly effective vaccines more efficiently. We aspire to harness the advantages of our unique platform to tackle significant human health challenges globally.

    7600 Quorum
    Oxford Business Park North
    Oxford OX4 2JZ
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)1865 582088

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